The ICLEI Member Logo

About the ICLEI Member Logo 

The three overlapping shapes of the logo represent the connections that ICLEI makes as the leading network for local governments committed to sustainability. It communicates that we are stronger when we connect local actions to a greater movement and amplify our collective learnings worldwide.

The colors represent the interconnectedness of water, air and climate (blue), nature (green) and cities (yellow). Using the inspiration of the yellow circle from our former logo, the new brand gives the strength of ICLEI’s 30 years of experience a modern and fresh look.

The “Member” label indicates that the user of the ICLEI Member Logo is a part of the ICLEI network of local governments committed to sustainability.

Terms and conditions of use

The ICLEI Member Logo may only be used by our members. The logo shall be used in its entirety without distorting, modifying or separating its component elements. The logo should always be placed on an opaque white background.

For more information about the use of the ICLEI Member logo, please contact your ICLEI Regional Secretariat or Country Office, or email

For the full terms and conditions and use, please see The ICLEI Member Logo Brand Guidelines below.


Logo Package

Please click on the language of your choice to download the relevant logo package:

The full name of the organization is ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability. ICLEI’s name was chosen by ICLEI’s Members. The full name – ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability – can be omitted throughout text and simply referred to as “ICLEI” after it has been spelled out once at the beginning of a text. The abbreviation ICLEI must be set in capitals and should not be separated by dots (I.C.L.E.I.).


For more instructions on using the name of the organization, please refer to The ICLEI Brand Guidelines.