Make the most of your Member status at the Malmö Summit!

Members are the heart of the ICLEI network. As such, they can enjoy exclusive benefits linked to their participation to the ICLEI Malmö Summit.

Below you can find more information on what perks ICLEI Members can enjoy in the framework of the Malmö Summit. Click on each category to see more details.

Members benefits at the Malmö Summit

  • Supporting participation and spotlighting
    • Discounted participation rate, both for in-person and remote participation: ICLEI Members receive reduced or waived registrations whenever possible – FIND MORE DETAILS HERE
    • Priority for access to travel and accommodation funding: ICLEI strives to allocate a considerable amount of event funds towards enabling Member participation, especially prioritizing geographic representation from across the network
    • Priority for panel participation: Creating a space to showcase the work of active Members is always a priority for ICLEI. See the Malmö Summit program
  • Networking
    • Members can be paired up with other local governments for 1-to-1 meetings, based on common interests and activities: A list of reported thematic interests from registered Members is shared to encourage bilateral meetings based on common interests. In-person meeting rooms in Malmö can be requested only until 15 April due to limited capacity. Reach out to your ICLEI Office to sign-up
    • Virtual meeting opportunities – Meet other Members virtually, on Zoom. Reach out to your ICLEI office for more details
    • Via the Congress app, Members will be able to connect to each other and organize meetings. Stay tuned on guidelines for the Malmö Summit App (link coming soon)
  • Showcase content
    • Ahead of the World Congress, Members were contacted by the relevant ICLEI Office to give them the opportunity to complete initiative profiles, to be displayed at the ICLEI Malmö Summit’s various venue screens
    • Members can advance their ready-to-fund projects via the Transformative Action Program – READ MORE & APPLY HERE
    • ICLEI Members will be given opportunities to participate as panelists in sessions of the ICLEI Malmö Summit
  • Media exposure
    • Social media assets allowing Members to showcase their participation – CHECK THE DEDICATED TRELLO BOARD HERE
    • During the ICLEI Malmö Summit, quotes will be collected from Members, and shared as part of the Summit outcomes
    • Member generated content campaign for social media – Members are invited to produce a short video to post on their Twitter account (tagging @ICLEI) explaining what their city is doing for sustainability, what their message will be at the World Congress and/or what their local/regional priorities are DOWNLOAD THE GUIDELINES HERE. Members are invited to answer ONE of the following questions in their video:
      • What should leaders in urban sustainability know about the work you are doing in your community?
      • How are you using equity as a lens to frame your work?
      • What was a successful collaboration you’ve had and what was the result?
      • Why is it important to learn from other cities’ experiences?
    • During the ICLEI Malmö Summit, ICLEI will conduct “Behind the scenes” interviews with Members and share them on social media
    • If possible, Members will be given media opportunities during the ICLEI Malmö Summit
  • Identifiable
    • For virtual participants, a special Zoom background has been created, allowing Members to display their status during the various sessions –  DOWNLOAD THE BACKGROUND HERE
    • For in-person participants, Members will be easily recognizable via a specific label on the Congress App, and a specific badge
    • Panelists representing ICLEI Members will be given special recognition during the sessions
  • Debrief on the outcomes
    • ICLEI Members will be invited to attend virtual follow-up debriefs to go through key outcomes from the ICLEI Malmö Summit, their connection to ICLEI’s global & regional agendas and opportunities for Member engagement. Further information will follow
    • Alongside the Malmö Summit report will be high level factsheets for Members on unpacking outcomes and action plans
  • Pre-event input
    • Before the ICLEI Malmö Summit, ICLEI Regional Executive Committees will gather and discuss both relevant regional topics and input to the ICLEI Malmö Summit.
      These elected representatives of ICLEI membership will contribute to shaping the outcomes of the ICLEI Malmö Summit by submitting input to the implementation plan of the Malmö commitment (to be launched at the Malmö Summit) – READ THE COMMITMENT HERE
  • Governance access
    • The ICLEI Global Executive Committee will meet in Malmö just ahead of the ICLEI Malmö Summit, on 10 May. Members are invited to virtually attend the Global Executive Committee meeting, on 10 May, 2022 from 9:30 CEST – JOIN HERE
    • Read the agenda of the meeting HERE